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Support & Maintenance

We never leave customer along with the project and provide support for it under the Agreement. We still provide support after the development part for 5 of our big customers. Special small support team keeps in touch with customers to answer their questions about the code and product and helps with any issues.

High-quality product support

Our support options are designed specifically for each project or product, but the possibilities include establishing a call or email center where our consultants respond accordingly to questions and pass it over to the developers to fix the software code, add features or do customization that your customers are requesting. Online forums are an option where our experts take on the roles of moderators interacting and responding directly to registered or unregistered users through the forum format

As easy as pie

Since our software developers are proficient in several languages, including English, your customers or employees will always be answered in a way they can easily understand which reflects well on your business. In other words, our support team upholds your reputation as being dedicated to superior customer service

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