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Candidate management

Cut down on time and material costs for the information processing

The application allows to optimize the company’s HR- department work. Systematization of the candidates’ data relieves the HR-department from paper routine. Automation of the process allows to reduce time and material costs for the information processing.


Our company faced the task to minimize time and material costs to shorten everyday time consuming, so we thought up a system of applications to automate and optimize business processes. That is why we have developed a special platform that is connected to all major business processes: time management, employee management, project management, reporting.The second developed component of the system/platform is the application that allows to optimize company’s HR- department workload - fully independent, easy extensible and open source.


The application helps to systematize candidates’ data to relieve HR-department from paper routine.HR-manager creates a profile of a candidate, who has responded to the open position in the application, imports data about certain candidate into base.Then enters notes if candidate complies with the company’s requirements and, if the person fits well, HR-manager sends invitation to the candidate and also notification to other certain HR-manager who will hold an interview.Regardless of the result of interview all information anyway stays in the database anyway and HR-department is able to turn back to this candidate later.


We have built fast and comfortable application for any type of users.