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Timesheet management

Start to track your time and automate your business

Mifort Timesheet – web application which automates time tracking process. Fully independent, easy extensible and open source application written with Node.JS, Angular and MongoDB is the easiest way to fill and manage employees’ time.


Our company faced the task to minimize time and material costs to shorten everyday time consuming, so we thought up a system of applications to automate and optimize business processes. That is why we have developed a special platform that is connected to all major business processes: time management, employee management, project management, reporting. The first developed component of the system/platform is the application that allows to automate workflow tracking of the company.


For the first step we developed an easy-in-use application that allows to control business processes of the company.
The application includes administrative and custom parts:
The employee every day fills in the reports form with the information:

  • - which project was he assigned to
  • - how much time did he work for the day
  • - what did he do etc.

Administrator (the employer) uses employees’ reports control staff time and also controls at what stage the development of a particular project or task assigned to the employee.
Internal reports helps to control workflow of the company in several “clicks”, also make it easy to solve different organizational questions: salary, deadlines & etc.


We succeeded to perform fully independent, easy extensible and open source application.