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Mifort is a team of professionals focused on outsourcing and development of web applications. Since 2015 we’ve successfully delivered 23 big projects - you can find best of them in our Portfolio tab. We are professionals in Frontend and Backend Development, Quality Assurance, DevOps and Project Management. We practice Cloud Technologies like AWS to profile full cycle of DevOps and Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery pipeline. Our team is working on the cutting edge of NodeJS, Angular, React, MongoDB, HTML5, CSS3, etc.
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The main goals of our company while creating our products are aimed primarily at business processes automation with the help of modern technologies, based mainly on JavaScript and Cloud Technologies.

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The expertise of our company goes around Javascript. We are not spreading the resources, time and knowledge getting any project we can but accumulate the knowledge and people who hold them to do the best in a field we have chosen. We like to automate everything introducing CI/CD, making the products scalable by putting them in a cloud. We are proud of the quality of the code we deliver using the latest code quality tools.
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